Spending my teenage years heavily influenced by rock music, I was obsessed with live performance imagery in magazines and on album sleeves and posters. During the 80's I was a massive fan of Iron Maiden and the photography of Ross Halfin, regularly sneaking a camera into gigs to try and grab my own pictures.

I began to take photography seriously in the early 90's, photographing local bands and becoming official photographer for a local venue where I had the opportunity to shoot established acts from the pit for the first time. It wasn't long before I went on to study photography full-time, gaining a HND and BA (Hons) while shooting at a variety of Midlands venues.

During my time at University my photographs were being published in local press and magazines and I was receiving commissions from bands, record companies and PR.

In 2009, after a nine year hiatus, I developed an appetite to once again combine my passions of live music and photography. In a keen effort I had an image shortlisted in the 2010 NME Photography Awards, and in 2011 I won the prominent Gibson Sonisphere Photography Competition.

In order to maintain ongoing involvement within the industry, I began to establish my own webzine Hit The Lights and reintroduce myself in the press while photographing for a London based independent agency. To date my work is distributed by Rex Features/Shutterstock.

I have had work published by the likes of Guitarist, Bass Guitar, BBC, Rollng Stone, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, The Independent, Daily Mail, Metro, Evening Standard, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Planet Rock, Guitar World, Powerplay, Hysteria (Aus), Digital Photographer and used in publicity and album art for artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Whitesnake, Black Label Society, Europe, Glenn Hughes, Michael Schenker, Jared James Nichols and Rock Goddess.

"Steve's pics always capture my moods .. and trust me, there are many!" - Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath)
"I love my blurry photos but you take them properly and catch a magic moment every time." - Gavin 'Paddy' O'Malley (Lawnmower Deth)
"Thank you for the stellar photos. It's not easy to snap a killer drum shot, but you have a great eye." - Roxy Petrucci (Vixen, Madam X)
"You take great rock 'n' roll pictures that really capture the vibe and excitement of a show." - Bernie Tormé (Ozzy Osbourne, Gillan) 18/03/52 - 17/03/19 RIP
"I have pics taken all the time and don't really rate them, but yours are exceptional." - Rich Vernon (The Mission)
"It's difficult to capture great moments during a show when things are moving so fast, but you have a real knack for it." - Phil Rind (Sacred Reich)
"I just love this picture, it really captures the soft side of me. Not!" - Jody Turner (Rock Goddess)
"Steve has the power of a top notch photographer, to capture a moment so perfectly it can almost be relived." - Jim Palmer (Raging Speedhorn)
"Great shots. You're very good." - Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts)